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Free shipping on orders over $50. Limited time offer!

Bright Way Group BW 62000 (Group 27) - 6V 200AH SLA Battery

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Original price
$200.00 - $200.00
Current price $200.00
Voltage: 6V
Terminal: IT-F12
Amp Hours: 200Ah
Height: 8.7 in
Width: 6.65 in
Length: 12.1 in
Weight: 59.4 lb

The Bright Way Group BW 62000 is a 6-volt 200Ah sealed lead-acid battery that is brand new and ready to replace your existing battery (regardless of the original manufacturer).

This is a 6-volt (6v) battery. You should ensure that your current battery is a 6v battery. You can combine multiple 6v batteries in series if your equipment needs a higher voltage. (Reference your product's manual for further details.)

The capacity of the battery is measured in amp hours (Ah), and this is a 200Ah battery.

The model number of this battery is BW 62000. Sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA) come in two variants: either gel or absorbent glass mat — this indicates the material inside the battery itself. This battery is the AGM variant.

This battery has an IT-F12 terminal. (Other terminal options may be available. See the difference between terminals.)

All SLA batteries are maintenance-free, can be used in any orientation, and are leakproof. They are exceedingly safe because they use a valve regulator to safely vent pressure. (You’ll see SLA batteries called VRLA, valve-regulated lead-acid.) In addition, these batteries have a wide operating temperature, a long service life, and the ability to recover from a deep discharge.

Why use Bright Way Group batteries?
  • Always brand new, factory fresh, and high-quality batteries from a brand owned by Continental Battery
  • Always meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s battery specifications
  • Will work regardless of who made the original battery
  • Backed by the Continental Battery 1-year warranty

Common Questions
  • Does the battery arrive fully charged? It will arrive charged between 80-90%. We recommend installing the batteries and charging them for 24 hours before use.
  • Can this battery be used for my application? Almost always. This battery, or a similar version with a different capacity, has been used for UPS backup systems, alarm systems, mobility devices, emergency lighting, backup power systems, railway signaling systems, telecommunications systems, off-grid solar systems, and more.


This battery comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, processed by’s amazingly friendly customer support team.