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Most items we sell have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty included. Please review the warranty details here:

Bright Way Group - Batteries

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Bright Way Group provides a 1 year free replacement warranty for their batteries. This warranty starts on the day your battery is purchased from and continues for 365 days. The warranty is backed by Bright Way Group, however you must process the warranty claim through

This warranty covers battery defects that may occur in the manufacturing process. It does not include End of Life, Abuse, Electrical Faults, Insufficient Battery Capacity, Improper or Lack of Cleaning. (See below for definitions on exclusions.)

This warranty only includes a single replacement. If you have issues with the replacement battery, it is likely that you have issues with the electrical system or charger that the battery is connected to. Replacement batteries do not come with any warranty.

The exclusive liability for breach of warranty is to replace the battery within the warranty period. The sole remedy for a warranty claim is to receive a new replacement battery. No refunds will be made. We are not liable for any loss or damages of any other kind, whether direct, incidental, consequential, exemplary, special or otherwise. We are not liable for any removal or installation expense or loss of time or profits. 

Warranty Extension provides the option to extend the warranty for Bright Way Group batteries. If you purchase a warranty extension, the first year of your warranty will be covered by the aforementioned manufacturer's warranty.  

EcoFlow - Manufacturer Warranty

EcoFlow products come with varying warranty periods. Please visit the EcoFlow warranty page for more information. Contact EcoFlow directly for warranty claims. is not responsible for facilitating EcoFlow warranty. We hold no liability for the warranty or any claims thereof. 


How to make a warranty claim?

The first step is to test the battery. We will need a voltage reading from the battery in order to help you troubleshoot the battery. When you reach out to us, we will help you troubleshoot by attempting to identify whether there is a fault with the battery or with the electrical system the battery is connected to.