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Sealed Lead Acid Battery FAQ

Here are some common questions about Sealed Led Acid (SLA) batteries. (Need an explainer on what SLA, VRLA, and AGM mean? Read our guide!)

SLA batteries:

  • Can be used in any orientation
  • Do not need to be maintained, beyond routine charging.
    • Don't add water to the battery
    • Don't drain the battery fully (SLA batteries do not suffer from the memory effect)
  • Will last 3-5 years, given optimal conditions — and some times much longer
    • Batteries are rated and tested at 70° F. Extremely hot or cold temperatures affect all batteries.
    • Batteries will self-discharge, so you must routinely charge the battery (at least every 3 months).
    • If the battery is drained too low, it may be unrecoverable
    • If they battery is overcharged, it may be cause damage. Always use a proper charger that monitors the battery capacity.

Can my battery be shipped by air?
Yes. Most sealed lead acid batteries are declared non-hazardous for air shipping. Some exceptions apply.

I hear lots of talk about float and cycle applications. What is the difference?
A float application requires the battery to be on constant charge with an occasional discharge. Cycle applications charge and discharge the battery on a regular basis.

What is a marine or deep cycle battery?
These are actually different types of batteries. The common marine battery is often rated to marine cranking amps. It is designed to offer a quick shot of amperes in a very short time span. These batteries can provide thousands of starts but can usually only withstand 50 or so cycles. A deep cycle SLA battery is designed with the capability of being discharged and charged hundreds of times. 

I understand that batteries can be put together in series or parallel. What does this mean?
Connecting your batteries in series will generate a higher voltage. The total voltage is the sum of all individual voltages. Connecting the batteries in parallel will increase the capacity or amp hours. 

My battery was manufactured by another brand. You don't carry this brand. Can I use a replacement manufactured by another company?
With SLA batteries, you can generally disregard the brand name on the battery itself.

Here's what you need to check for:

  • Does the Voltage match? (6v, 12v, etc)
  • Is the capacity close to the original battery? This is listed in "ah" or Amp Hours. (In most cases, you'll want the same or slightly higher capacity.)
  • Will it fit? Does it closely match the dimensions of your existing battery
  • Does it have the appropriate connectors? Learn more about battery terminal types.

Have a question? Contact us before purchasing!