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Alkaline Battery FAQ

Why do my batteries run down so quickly when I use them in electronic devices?
Alkaline batteries have a high rated capacity but can only deliver that capacity if the power is used very slowly. Most electronic devices place a very high drain on batteries. There are other chemistries better suited for high drain electronic applications.

How should I dispose of my alkaline batteries?
Today's standard household batteries-the AA's, AAA's, C's, D's, and 9-volts that you pick up at the supermarket or drug store- have been re-engineered so that the components in them are of low toxicity, making them safe to dispose of with your normal trash. (But consider this: If you're using more than a dozen or so disposable batteries per year, your can probably save a lot of money by going to rechargeable ones.)

How long can I store alkaline batteries?
If kept cool and dry (do not refrigerate or freeze) and not kept in the device for longer than 30 days when not in use, these batteries will store for approximately 2 years.

My application uses (2) alkaline batteries. One of the batteries is no longer working. Can I replace only the non-working battery or must I replace both?
It is always best to replace batteries in complete sets.

Are alkaline batteries re-chargeable?
Alkaline batteries are non-rechargeable.