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Solar Battery product information.

Replacement solar batteries in sealed AGM & sealed GEL solar batteries for most solar panels including BP, GE, SolarWorld, Sharp, and more to harness power from the sun!

These solar batteries are the type that are used with a solar power system, used to store energy created by the sun which is, in turn, used to run certain elements of a household and electronic gate, water heater, etc.

These are basically rechargeable batteries, recharged by a solar battery charger.

Please verify the configurations for your Solar Batteries before placing your order.

Click on the part numbers below for a complete description of our solar batteries.

12 Volt Sealed AGM Batteries
BWD# MFG Item Description
120-2293 Universal UB12260-AGM 12V 26Ah Sealed AGM Battery
120-2295 Universal UB12350-AGM (U1) 12V 35AH Sealed AGM Battery - U1 (Replacement MK Battery 8AU1)
120-2299 Universal UB27-AGM 12V 90AH Sealed AGM Battery (Replacement MK Battery 8A27)
120-2300 Universal UB30H-AGM 12V 100AH Sealed AGM Battery (Replacement MK Battery 8A31DT)
120-2301 Universal UB4D-AGM 12V 200AH Sealed AGM Battery (Replacement Deka 8A4D LTP)
120-2302 Universal UB8D-AGM 12V 250AH Sealed AGM Battery
12 Volt Sealed GEL Batteries
BWD# MFG Item Description
120-4000 Universal U1-GEL 12V 32AH Sealed GEL Battery (Replacement Deka 8GU1)
120-4002 Universal UB24-GEL 12V 75Ah Sealed GEL Battery (Replacement Deka 8G24)
120-4003 Universal UB27-GEL 12V 90AH Sealed GEL Battery (Replacement MK 8G27)
120-4004 Universal UB30-GEL 12V 100Ah Sealed GEL Battery
120-4005 Universal UB4D-GEL 12V 180AH Sealed GEL Battery (Relacement MK 8G4D LTP)
120-4006 Universal UB8D-GEL 12V 250AH Sealed GEL Battery(Replacement MK 8G8D LTP -T975 terminal)

You are viewing our suggested replacements for Solar Batteries.

If you can't find your Solar Batteries listed, send us an email to request that your Solar Batteries be added to our cross reference.

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