Everest & Jennings Mobie - Pack is for (2) 12V 55AH Batteries

SKU: SCT-0327
  • REMINDER: Mobility scooters are built with a variety of different battery configurations. Please verify the terminals and the dimensions of your scooter batteries before you place your order. Our Sealed Lead Acid (SLA, AGM, GEL) batteries have a one year manufacturer warranty.
  • F1 or F2 adapters may be sent to convert spade battery terminals if we are out of stock on your requested battery. For more information on terminal types and sizes, click here. If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us at 800-365-8444.
  • MSDS and Other Battery Specs.
HEIGHT: 8.46
LENGTH: 9.02
VOLT: 12
WEIGHT: 37.8
WIDTH: 5.43

**Note: The dimensions of NiCad, NiMH, Alkaline and Lithium batteries are measured in millimeters. Dimensions of SLA/AGM/GEL batteries are measured in inches.