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Free shipping on orders over $50. Limited time offer!

BW 2470F1F2 - 24V 7Ah SLA with F1 & F2 terminal

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Voltage: 24V
Terminal: F1negF2pos
Amp Hours: 7Ah
Height: 3.7 in
Width: 4.02 in
Length: 7.4 in
Weight: 9.24 lb

The Bright Way Group BW 2470F1F2 is a 24-volt 7Ah sealed lead-acid battery that is brand new and ready to replace your existing battery (regardless of the original manufacturer).

This is a 24-volt (24v) battery. You should ensure that your current battery is a 24v battery. You can combine multiple 24v batteries in series if your equipment needs a higher voltage. (Reference your product's manual for further details.)

The capacity of the battery is measured in amp hours (Ah), and this is a 7Ah battery.

The model number of this battery is BW 2470F1F2. Sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA) come in two variants: either gel or absorbent glass mat — this indicates the material inside the battery itself. This battery is the AGM variant.

This battery has an F1negF2pos terminal. (Other terminal options may be available. See the difference between terminals.)

All SLA batteries are maintenance-free, can be used in any orientation, and are leakproof. They are exceedingly safe because they use a valve regulator to safely vent pressure. (You’ll see SLA batteries called VRLA, valve-regulated lead-acid.) In addition, these batteries have a wide operating temperature, a long service life, and the ability to recover from a deep discharge.

Why use Bright Way Group batteries?
  • Always brand new, factory fresh, and high-quality batteries from a brand owned by Continental Battery
  • Always meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s battery specifications
  • Will work regardless of who made the original battery
  • Backed by the Continental Battery 1-year warranty

Common Questions
  • Does the battery arrive fully charged? It will arrive charged between 80-90%. We recommend installing the batteries and charging them for 24 hours before use.
  • Can this battery be used for my application? Almost always. This battery, or a similar version with a different capacity, has been used for UPS backup systems, alarm systems, mobility devices, emergency lighting, backup power systems, railway signaling systems, telecommunications systems, off-grid solar systems, and more.


This battery comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, processed by’s amazingly friendly customer support team.