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12 Volt Battery

12 volt battery

12 Volt Battery

We have the 12-volt battery you are looking for. At we offer a wide range of 12-volt batteries and 12-volt battery chargers for your motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, snowmobile and scooters. We sell 12-volt wheelchair batteries as well as riding lawn mower batteries ! We have a wide range of 12 volt batteries. Select your 12v battery from the list below. If you need assistance finding a 12v battery, please call us toll free (800-365-8444) and we'll help you find the right battery.
12 Volt Battery
BWD# MFG Item Description
120-2291 Universal UB12120 12V 12AH SLA Battery
120-2295 Universal UB12350-AGM (U1) 12V 35AH Sealed AGM Battery - U1 (Replacement MK Battery 8AU1)
120-2289 Universal UB1250 12V 5AH SLA Battery
120-2292 Universal UB12180 12V 18AH SLA Battery
120-2293 Universal UB12260-AGM 12V 26Ah Sealed AGM Battery
120-2287 Universal UB1234 12V 3.4AH SLA Battery
120-2285 Universal UB1222 12V 2.2AH SLA Battery
120-2283 Universal UB1213 12V 1.3AH SLA Battery
120-0272 PowerSonic PS-12280 12V 28AH SLA Battery
120-2180 PowerSonic PS-1229 12V 2.9AH SLA Battery
120-2286 Universal UB1233A 12V 2.3AH SLA Battery
120-3137 PowerSonic PS-12750 12V 75AH SLA Battery
120-3138 PowerSonic PS-12550 12V 55AH SLA Battery

Featured Products

12 volt Electric Scooter Battery

12 volt Solar Battery

12 volt Electric Scooter Battery12 volt Solar battery
We sell a 12 volt battery to replace almost every electric scooter battery for most scooter models. Our 12 volt solar batteries are sealed AGM or GEL batteries for most solar panels. Harness more power from the sun!

12 volt Motorcycle Batteries

12 volt APC Replacement Batteries

12 volt Motorcycle Batteries12 volt APC Replacement Batteries
We stock Dry Charge AGM and Sealed AGM 12 volt batteries to replace most motorcycle batteries. Most 12 volt motorcycle batteries are available for same day shipping. We have an extensive list of apc replacement batteries.

12v Wheelchair Batteries

12v Lawnmower Batteries

12v Wheelchair Batteries12v Lawnmower Batteries
We sell a 12 volt battery to replace almost every wheelchair battery for most scooter models. Search here for our 12v Riding Lawn Mower Batteries. We carry 12v Sealed AGM and 12v Dry Charge AGM types.

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